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The Spider is a genetically engineered product of the TTT. Only recently created, he's still new to this world, and is developing with (relatively) incredible speed.

Physical: Really darn strong. His strength can increase as he accumulates more static charge. Agility is decent, but not spectacular.

"Super" Powers: Like all of us, the Spider picks up static charge from the environment around him. Unlike all of us, however, he can store and control it. This can increase his strength, allow him to cling to walls, zap whoever gets in his way, hover, heal from almost any wound instantly, create ionized dust "webs," and even form a weak force field.

Equipment: The Spider's facemask is a permanent cybernetic attachment that allows him to see the entire spectrum, as well as computer information from the TTT. The Spider also carries two guns. One is an enhanced pistol, and the other is a "Stinger." The Stinger collects static charges the Spider can channel into its coils, which super-charges bullets. These bullets are released crackling with energy, and transfer an incredible shock to whatever they impact (along with a bullet wound).

Origin: The Spider was created by the "geniuses" of the TTT, using the equipment introduced by PuppetMaster for the creation of The Juggler.

The Spider