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Sparrow is just another costumed person who fights crime (if you pay him). He is the TTT's only known outside contractor. Something of a technical genius, the Sparrow lives by his wits and high-tech equipment alone.

Physical: Peak athletic strength and agility.

"Super" Powers: Living through impossible situations. (Not a bad thing to have.)

Equipment: A variety of masks which contain, respectively, filters for ultraviolet, heat sensing, and night vision. His vest is bulletproof and padded, having limited environmental controls; this allows him to wear it in all climates. The Sparrow also keeps a necessary array of back-up equipment in his belt, and a spring-triggered quiver hidden beneath his cape. The quiver keeps a choice of arrows, missiles, and darts which can be used in his crossbow. The Sparrow's crossbow is the masterpiece of his equipment. With a double bow, automatic re-cock, and cartridge darts, he can fire off rounds automatically. The bow contains a fore and aft rope-dart that fires, lodging in walls to allow him to slide along it. A powerful winch in the bow can pull him along automatically, or break his decent. There are gyrators in the rope-darts to dislodge them automatically. The crossbow can also hold carbon dioxide cartridges (for firing with air pressure) and gunpowder chambers. This allows the bow to fire its darts, arrows, and missiles.

Origin: As far as we know, he's a regular guy that picked up a crossbow one day. Read his series to find out more.

The Sparrow