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PuppetMaster is a bio-cyberneticist and freelance genius. She also specializes in manipulation and seduction.

Physical: Pretty wimpy. Even for a mere mortal. Rather agile, though. Built like a thief. Hmmm..

"Super" Powers: Complete lack of morals.

Equipment: Anything she can think up. She is the world's premier expert in robotics, so her equipment includes her entire army of alloy. Like the Juggler, for instance.

Origin: She was born. She was sent to school. She did poorly because the classes went too slow for her. She went to college. She dropped out so she could start doing illegal hack jobs for high-paying clients. One thing led to another, and now as PuppetMaster she pieces cyborgs together. Some might wonder how she went from hacker to bio-technician. So do we.

Puppet Master