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The Juggler is an unbelievably adept cyborg with an unusual motif.

Physical: Can lift up to ten times his own body weight. Can bend at impossible angles and grab most things out of the air.

"Super" Powers: The ability to juggle up to twenty objects simultaneously, resistance to injury or malfunction of any sort, and great strength and agility.

Equipment: The Juggler is a cyborg with an actual computer for a brain. His mask, like the Spider's, gives him a wide range of vision and a continuous information flow. He carries around a variety of lethal weapons which he juggles and throws at the enemy. These include knives, napalm grenades in the shape of torches, explosive balls, bladed rings, and clubs that house a variety of cunning devices.

Origin: The Juggler was created by PuppetMaster for the TTT. However, she became obsessed with her creation and stole him. She now uses him to gain revenge on organizations (including TTT SO MOM N-HUC FBI) that have cheated her.

The Juggler