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Secrets of College Life 

 The Rap Sheets

Seen that special someone in of the strips and wanting to know about him or her?  

Well, here you go!  

We hope you find who you are searching for, if not, let us know and we will put him or her on here just for you!



Adam Adam is a hyper, easily distracted lad.  A soccer player at heart, Adam will often be found doing reckless, wild things.  Not because he is reckless and wild, but because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Dribble Dr. Dribble is a professor who has been around long enough to lose his faith in student’s ability to learn.  He now gains most of his job enjoyment in subtly mocking them for their ignorance.

Drillan Dr. Drillan is part of a massive plot for world domination through brainwashing and thought control in the students.  Otherwise, he’s a nice guy.



Freshman The Freshman is suffering through his endless first year at college.  He is short, young, and naïve, and gets no respect for these reasons.



Girdy is perfectly happy living life for himself.  Rarely does he go to class, study, or do any of this annoying stuff they call “work.”  He prefers the finer things of college life: video games, television, and sleep.  Since he rarely ventures out of the dorms, it’s hard to know if the college is aware of his existence.



Herman Herman is the leader of the cockroaches.  The cockroaches are a disorganized bunch, but Herman does his best to give them purpose; setting up little goals for them to achieve…  perhaps conquest of the college, or maybe world domination some day.


Joel is a conscientious fellow who basically wants everyone to like him.  He does his best to please, although he may be a little out of touch with reality.  Of course, everyone else takes full advantage of that.


Test Rat Test Rat is part of an ongoing experiment testing the behavioral effects of college life on a lab rat.  He’s very impressionable.


The roaches live throughout the guy’s dorm, and have achieved a sort of symbiosis with the college men.  The humans leave their garbage strewn all over the dorm, and the roaches eat it.  Of course, the two groups occasionally have their differences, but hey, that’s college life.





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